VieKey Office

VieKey Consulting Set Up Offices in France and Netherlands

VieKey Consulting established a representation offices in  the Netherlands and  France. Our network of experienced professionals is familiar with the local laws and regulations in each of these countries and can provide customised solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

Since we operate in several European countries, it allows us to provide clients with a broad range of services. Our partner teams have the expertise and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of each market, allowing us to provide clients with tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals.

We focus primarily on voluntary liquidation services for the companies in the Netherlands and France. However, we can also provide other economic services.

About VieKey Consulting

VieKey Consulting is established and fully registered firm located in Luxembourg, with authorisation from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. As such, it operates within the framework of Luxembourg direct taxes and is subject to all applicable Luxembourg Value Added Tax regulations.

Vie Key Consulting has authorisations for the professions de l’immobilier (real estate professions) in Luxembourg including Promoteur immobilier (real estate developer), Agent Immobilier (real estate agent), and Administrateur de Biens (property manager).

The firm’s additional authorisations and approvals  include Expert Judiciaire, Branche : comptabilité, fiscalité, économie, commerce et finances. In Luxembourg, an Expert Judiciaire (or judicial expert) is an individual who is appointed by a court to provide specialised expertise or technical knowledge in legal proceedings. The role of an Expert Judiciaire is to provide an impartial opinion on matters within their area of expertise, and to assist the court in making a decision.

Based in Luxembourg, VieKey Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with top-tier services that always exceeds expectations. Our solutions and expertises are focused on supporting financial and commercial companies in Luxembourg, and we strive to provide relevant advice that meets our clients' needs. Follow our social channels and our website blog for news and updates from VieKey Consulting.