ALMJ Association

VieKey Consulting Joins ALMJ: Strengthening Legal Expertise in Luxembourg

We are proud to announce that Vie Key Consulting becomes a member of Association Luxembourgeoise des mandataires de Justice (ALMJ), an association intended to bring together legal representatives charged with specific missions by the Justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

ALMJ is an association intended to bring together legal representatives charged with specific missions by the Justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, regardless of the primary profession of these representatives. They intervene to different degrees on behalf of Justice, each time Justice needs a particular executor. They thus intervene in the life of commercial and civil companies as bankruptcy trustees, judicial liquidators, ad hoc administrators, provisional administrators, etc. They also intervene in the lives of individuals as curators of vacant estates, administrators of property, tutors or curators of natural persons, etc.

ALMJ endeavour to support these agents of justice in the exercise of their mandates while trying to facilitate the interface between these agents and the state authorities, including the judicial authorities.

Judicial officers, insofar as they contribute to the exercise of the judicial function and therefore to a public service mission, must allow themselves to be measured against the highest standards of integrity and transparency, but can expect to be treated with respect.

The association has therefore set itself the task of:

  • Defend the professions of judicial officers
  • Assist in the organisation of these professions
  • Support both agents and judicial authorities in their relations with their agents
  • Organise the exchange of information and the training of legal representatives

Vie Key Consulting is also a member of

  • INSOL Europe – An organisation of professionals specialising in insolvency and business reconstruction and recovery
  • Receivables Management Association International, USA
  • Luxembourg Institut Luxembourgois des Administrateurs (ILA)
  • Institute for Financial Integrity and Sustainability (IFIS)
  • Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers (ALCO)
  • Association pour la Protection des Données au Luxembourg (APDL)

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